Syrian Army conducts precise operations against terrorist groups in countryside of Idlib and Hama

The Syrian Arab Army units operating in the north-western Hama Countryside responded on Tuesday to the terrorists’ violations of de-escalation zone agreement with strikes focused on their movements towards the military points and safe villages in the north-western Hama Countryside.

The army units carried out precise strikes with light and medium weapons on the fortifications of the so-called “Jaysh al-Izza” on the western outskirts of Hasraya and al-Arba’ein villages in the northern Hama countryside and inflicted losses upon them in personnel and equipment, according to SANA.

The army units also thwarted Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists’ attempts to sneak from the eastern axis of Latamna village in the northern Hama Countryside and resulted in killing a number of terrorists.

In the southern Idlib countryside, the army units carried out precise operations against a number of terrorists in Hbit village, in response to their repeated violations and attacks on the safe areas in the northern Hama Countryside.

Source: SANA

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