Russian experts train Syrian military and national defense for personal protection – Photos

Russian experts conducted personal protection exercises for Syrian Military and Syrian National Defense units, including the “Liwa al-Quds” Brigade, at a special training camp in Syria

It is common practice for Russian experts to subject Syrian fighters belonging to different military units to training of a certain type in order to acquire the latest tactical skills in the arts of war and individual combat in all circumstances.

This training has helped train thousands of fighters over the past years. It appears from the picture published training elements from the Syrian Army and National Defense to use individual weapons. The fighters also underwent drastic training in the rugged and rocky terrain of the training camp in a volatile climate.

These camps helped the Syrian Army and allied forces from the “National Defense and the Liwa al-Quds Brigade” to master the skills of fighting and personal protection in preparation for any upcoming battle.

Source: Sputink

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