Iran manufactures new strategic weapon

Many of the world’s armies use drones to carry out limited military operations against hostile targets, especially in the fight against terrorism. The new Iranian drone, which has been announced, may have unprecedented capabilities for high-altitude flights or cargo.

The Iranian news agency “Fars”, said on Thursday, January 31, that Iranian researchers at the University, “Khawaja Nasir al-Din al-Tusi” in Tehran were able to manufacture a five-fan drone.

The new Iranian drone is called “Dyno Benta Coupter” , simulating the five-engined plane, which means the new drone will be able to stay in the air for longer periods, as well as easy to control.

The new drone can carry a larger load, whether civilian, weapons or military surveillance, that can be used against enemy targets.

The aircraft can fly at up to 400 meters height and has a simple control system and a lower operating cost.