Egyptian Female Student Expelled After Hugging Man in Public – Reports

A dream coming true when her fiancé kneeled to propose has ended up with the harshest of sanctions for an Arabic language major from Al-Azhar University as the video of the two young lovers embracing in public went viral in Egypt.
Egypt’s Al-Azhar University, rated to be one of the oldest academies in the Arab world, has expelled a female student over a viral video with the woman hugging her boyfriend on campus, Ahram Online reports citing, an official from the school, which prohibits women and men from studying together.
University spokesman Ahmad Zarei told the media outlet that her penalty may be reduced by the high disciplinary board and that the expelled student can rightfully appeal her punishment.
“No decision is taken haphazardly; this is all according to the university’s law. The student has violated the values of Al-Azhar, society and the university”, the official told the outlet.
The expulsion was preceded by an investigation. There is no information if her fiancé, who is a student at Al-Mansoura University, was punished for the video.
The clip, featuring the couple in their moment of joy, emerged online at the beginning of this month, prompting a mixed response in conservative and predominantly Muslim Egypt. It showed the man kneeling with a bouquet of flowers to propose to a young woman on the campus of Al-Mansoura University, who turned out to be an Al-Azhar Arabic language major, lifting her up and hugging on campus.


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