US forces lie about rocket strike on Syrian Army in southern Syria – here’s the fallacy they made up

Late on Sunday night, Syrian Army positions in southern Syria came under rocket bombardment from US forces stationed inside the Al-Tanf security zone, a supposed de-escalation area near the border with Iraq.

A total of 14 rockets crashed down on Syrian military positions atop Jabal al-Ghorab, causing material damage; the Syrian Army reported through state media that it suffered no losses.

Unlike in the past where the US has admitted to striking Syrian pro-government forces in response to a major clash with Pentagon-backed groups (such as the Syrian Democratic Forces), this time the US is deny it. Knowing this, it has become obvious that the Syrian military caused no kind of provocation to warrant the recent US strike

Instead, according to official releases by US military-linked sources, the US apparently conducted an airstrike against ISIS at some undisclosed location in the Syrian Desert west of the Euphrates that they say killed an ISIS militant responsible for the execution of American aid worker and former US Army ranger, Peter Kassig.

The reality is that the US and Coalition allies do conduct unwarranted strikes against the Syrian Army near Al-Tanf, specifically so against its positions atop and around Jabal Al-Ghorab.

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The Syrian military’s possession of this strategic high-point which allows oversight of the American base at Al-Tanf has long been seen as an operational thorn in the side of US forces. Because of this, the US-led Coalition sometimes resorts to harassing Syrian troops stationed on it with bombs and rockets.