Watch: Ukrainian military prepare for battle with Russian air force over Azov Sea

The Ukrainian military ‘s Joint Forces Operation press center has released a two-minute promotion video showing Ukrainian air and air defense assets in action during a recent drill along the Azov Sea coast.

The video shows Ukrainian forces deploying Strela-10M anti-aircraft missile systems and radar-guided Shilka auto-cannons against simulated air targets at “low to very low altitudes” according to a statement by the Joint Forces Operation.

Also part of the military exercise were Ukrainian aircraft including Su-25 warplanes and Mi-24 gunships.


According to an official and rather vague statement by the Ukrainian military, the drill along the Azov Sea coast was aimed at neutralizing “enemy air forces”.

In reality, the timing of the drill – so soon after the Kerch Strait clash with Russia – and the focus on defeating a potential aggressor’s air-power all point towards an attempt to, quite specifically, prepare Ukrainian forces for a potential military escalation with Russia and prevent Russian warplanes from establishing air superiority over the strategic Azov Sea area.

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