Turkish military deploys more reinforcement to Syria [VIDEO]

Turkish military has sent new military reinforcements, including dozens of vehicles and various weapons to its border with Syria, days after announcing its intention to postpone the launch of a military campaign against Kurdish militants.

Ankara has sent about 100 vehicles, including pick-up trucks, equipped with machine guns and weapons into borders with Syria, according to Reuters.

The agency said that the Turkish convoy heading to Kalis bordering town in the province of Hatay in southern Turkey, including tanks, guns, machine guns and buses carrying members of the special forces.

Part of the military equipment and soldiers will be deployed at points on the border and some will cross into Syria throughout the Elbeyli area

Elbeyli area is 45 km in northern Manbij town, which has been a focus of tension between Ankara and Washington.

On past Wednesday, Turkey sent military reinforcements, including armored personnel carriers, to Hatay province and then to Syria to reinforce its military forces there.

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said recently that his country would postpone a planned military operation against Kurdish militants in northern Syria after the United States’ decision to withdraw its troops from Syria.

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