Syrian Army annihilates huge group of ISIS fighters in deadly raid (Pictures)

The Syrian Army has detected and neutralized a huge group of ISIS terrorists through a fast but very deadly raid conducted in Syria’s east.

According to preliminary reports, the government operation – which took place in the eastern countryside of Homs province – saw motorized Syrian Army units track-down and engage a large ISIS grouping along the road connecting Arak-T2-Mayadin.

Reports go on to state that as many as 23 ISIS fighters were killed in the ensuring clashes; Syrian Army losses are, at the present time, unknown.

Due to its vast size and desolate terrain, the Syrian Desert houses groups of ISIS fighters that may, all added up, number into the hundreds.

In any case, given a lack of heavy weapons and mobility, this ISIS presence in eastern Syria can safety be considered nothing more than a spent remnant force – the eventual extinction of which is practically inevitable.


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