Russia builds revolutionary system for destroying enemy artillery – what makes it special? (Video)

Russia has built a revolutionary artillery counter-battery system that uses a new un-jammable method of detecting enemy howitzers and mortars whilst greatly reducing its own risk of being detected.

The counter-battery system made by Russia, called ‘Penicillin’, uses – for the first time ever – both sound (acoustic) and thermal detection to locate the source of incoming hostile shells. This new duel-detection technology is entirely different from the conventional radar detection method of all other counter-battery systems made to date.

Preliminary stats claimed by the Russian military for the Penicillin system is that it can locate enemy artillery firing up to 25 kilometers away and that it can calculate an accurate aiming solution for friendly counter-battery units within five seconds of initial detection of enemy fire.

As mentioned earlier, the use of sound and thermal detection to locate the source of enemy artillery fire is, technically un-jammable. If a given enemy artillery unit intends to fire, it cannot avoid making sound nor can it avoid generating heat – there is simply no countermeasure for this kind of artillery detection.

Given that the ‘Penicillin’ system does not use any kind of active radar detection, the system cannot be located by enemy passive radar systems and is thus entirely safeguarded from coming under attack by anti-radiation missiles.

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