Russia prepares to deploy tanks with new protection unit that beats Israel’s ‘Trophy’ system

Russia is now preparing to deploy into service a new active armor protection system for its tanks that reportedly performs better than Israel’s famed ‘Trophy‘ active protection system.

The new Russian armor protection system, designated ‘Arena’, works by the same principal as Israel’s ‘Trophy’ protection unit in that its uses a sensor-operated rocket-kill device to destroy incoming anti-tank projectile.

A greater magazine of defensive rockets as well as a more accurate and faster-reacting fire-control system are said to be the basis to Arena’s superiority over the rival Israeli Trophy system.

According to reports, the first model of Russian tank to be operationally deployed with the Arena active protection system is T-72B3 – when exactly is still unclear, however final preparations for service entry are being made. The device has effectively gone through fifteen years of development, being first designed in 1993.

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Announcement of the Arena’s upcoming deployment into service comes amid reports that American M1 main battle tanks stationed in Europe are to soon be upgraded with Trophy systems purchased from Israel.