Israeli airstrikes: Military expert reveals why Israel attacks Syria

The researcher at the Center for Arab and Islamic Studies at the Institute for Orientalism of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Boris Dolgov, that Israeli airstrikes are being occurred to expel Iran from Syria.

“Israel’s goal has been repeatedly stated that Iran must withdraw from Syria. Israel believes that the Iranian forces in Syria pose a threat to Israel. This is the main message of the Israeli leadership. They want to expel Iran from Syria, and they are supposed to guarantee their security,” Dulgov told Sputnik. So they are directing strikes. ”

The Russian expert noted that Israel’s demands for Iran’s withdrawal from the Syrian Arab Republic are being heard in diplomatic circles, adding: “However, the forces loyal to Iran are in Syria legally, at the request of the legitimate government elected.” Therefore, Iran does not violate Any international laws, unlike Israel, which violates them, but enjoy the support of the United States and therefore continue to pursue a policy aimed at getting Iran out of Syria. ”

“The air strikes by the Israeli Air Force are carried out regularly … After the provocative incident by Israel, which resulted in the downing of a Russian aircraft, these raids stopped for a while but then resumed … This is not new … The aggressive actions of the Israeli Air Force violate the sovereignty of airspace Syrian Arab Republic “.

On Sunday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reiterated Israel would continue its operations against any attempt to locate Iran in Syria.

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