Israel: Russia provides “S-300” air-defense missiles shield in eastern Syria

Russia has deployed the “S-300” air-defense missiles, submitted to the Syrian government, in Deir Ezzor eastern Syria, according to the Israeli “DEBKAfile“.

The website quoted military sources as saying on Monday (December 10th) that the Russian Defense Ministry ordered to transfer a battalion of anti-aircraft missiles with Russian operators from the area of Misyaf, west of Hama to Deir al-Zour.

The website pointed out that the battalion equipped with eight bombers, and between 50 to 70 rockets.

There was no statement from the Russian Defense Ministry on the S-300 deployment, while Israel did not officially comment on the Russian move so far.

In October, the Israeli newspaper Haaretz published pictures showing four S300 launchers near Misyaf, west of Hama, central Syria.

The Israeli website said “Our military sources note that this is the first time in nearly three years of Russian military intervention in Syria that Moscow has ventured to deploy its own troops in the east.

The newly-deployed S-300 missile battalion aims at curtailing the US Air Force’s free hand over eastern Syria“.

In February, the Russian Foreign Ministry admitted the killing of “Russian citizens” in the city of Deir al-Zour after being targeted by several air raids carried out by the International Alliance air crafts.

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