Iraqi Air forces kill tens of ISIS by obliterating twin headquarters in eastern Syria

The Iraqi military released a statement on Tuesday saying that the Iraqi Air forces have bombed twin strategic Islamic State (ISIS) headquarters in Syria, killing and wounding large number of them.

According to accurate information from the Directorate of Intelligence and Counter-terrorism, Our F-16 air-crafts, carried out concentrated air strikes in the Sousse area in Deir Ezzor inside Syrian territory.” Official Iraqi air-force outlet said.

The statement announced that “Where our aircraft hit two targets. The first is a hideout where 30 members of the Islamic State (ISIS) terrorist gang were planning to hold an important meeting, The second target was a den with 14 terrorists from the so-called Inghimassieen.

Based on intelligence, these strikes completely destroyed both targets, and our aircrafts returned safely to the homeland after achieving their goals.” the statement added.