How close is Hezbollah to Israeli army? ( pictures and video)

Hezbollah has posted a clear video footage of IDF soldiers during the “North Shield” operation that launched recently.

Under the title “Video and pictures .. The Zionist enemy declares a military activity (Northern Shield) on the Lebanese border,” the party revealed pictures and video of his strict monitoring on the Israeli operation.

Hezbollah cameras spotted a large number of vehicles, bulldozers and Israeli military tanks during the operation “Shield North”, launched by Tel Aviv to discover tunnels belonging to the party in the bordering area.

“At nine o’clock yesterday evening, mechanisms of digging and trucks belonging to the enemy army, came to the area opposite the town of Karkla, specifically at the border numbering 431 and 440.” Hezbollah added in their website.

General Ophir Gendelman, a spokesman for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office, said the Israeli forces, which are opposed to Hezbollah, discovered a tunnel near the Lebanese-Israeli border.

“The tunnel is 200 meters (40 meters) inside Israeli territory and is 25 meters deep and is currently being neutralized and demolished,” Netanyahu’s spokesman said.

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