US military sets up first observation post in Syria [picture]

“The US military will establish observation posts in northeastern Syria near the border with Turkey,” Colonel Sean Ryan, spokesman for the International Coalition, told reporters at a news conference.

” US military is setting up monitoring posts in northeastern Syria to cut the terrorists supply routs who are attempting to escape to Turkey across the north,” he said, adding that these surveillance sites would provide more protection to Turkey.

According to activists, the newly established observation point is stationed few kilometers to the east of Tall Abiyad town near borders with Turkey.

Speaking to reporters: “We are still thinking about the places now, I can not tell you the number, because of security reasons related to the safety of the operation,” he said.

Elsewhere in eastern Syria, United States military official, speaking through Fox News, admitted to very heavy losses among the ranks of the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) during a recent battle with ISIS.


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