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US-Made Arms Found at ISIL Bases in Deir Ezzor

The Syrian army discovered a large number of weapons and military equipment, including US-made arms, at ISIL strongholds during cleansing operations in Eastern Deir Ezzor.

The army troops found several ISIL arms caches during their purging operations in al-Mayadeen region in Eastern Deir Ezzor on Thursday.

Military sources said the Syrian army forces have discovered 450,000 rounds of US-made machine-gun bullets among the weapons and equipment.


Despite Washington’s attempts to deny its role in supporting the terrorist groups in Syria, the army regularly finds US-made weapons in militants’ strongholds.

In a relevant development last Saturday, the Syrian army discovered a large volume of US and Israeli arms, ammunition and medicines in clean-up operation in the newly-freed Quneitra province.

The army’s engineering units carried out clean-up operations in the villages of Bariqah, Ba’ar Ajam, Rasm Sanad in Southern and Western Quneitra province and found a large volume of arms and ammunitions and other military equipment.

Cannons, mortar launchers, anti-tank missiles, drones, the US-made missiles and Israeli arms and noise-making devices were among the discovered equipment.

A large volume of medicines, ambulances and trucks, mostly manufactured in the western states, were also found in the terrorists’ positions in Quneitra province.


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