Syrian Army ferrets-out last ISIS sites in southern Syria – Video

Following a major advance against ISIS militants in the Al-Safa region of southern Syria on Saturday, the Syrian Army today continued operations against lingering elements of the terrorist group.

At this point the Syrian Army has captured and secured the highest points across the Al-Safa volcanic field and now possess fire control over all remaining ISIS-held areas.

As witnessed by recently released footage, rockets launchers, howitzers, field guns, mortars and warplanes are now pounding the last scattered pockets of IS resistance to the south of Al-Safa. In addition to this, Syrian shock troops of the 4th Mechanized Division are probing the terrorist group’s defences in preparation for the final push.


It remains unclear if the bulk of ISIS forces, which seemed to have vanished almost overnight from Al-Safa’s highest point, are still in the region, or if they have retreated deep into the Syrian Desert.

The battle for Al-Safa commenced almost four months ago, since then hundreds Syrian troops and ISIS militants have been killed.

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