Massive Houthi bomb kills 20+ Saudi Coalition fighters (VIDEO)

Shocking footage has been released by Houthi media showing the moment that a large bomb planted by the Yemeni rebel group’s forces blew up an entire unit of Saudi Coalition fighters as they tried to cross a courtyard in Houdaidah city.

According to information provided by Houthi media, which is displayed in the video, the ambush occurred in the Medina area of Houdaidah.

It is clear from the footage that the entire platoon-sized unit of at least 20 fighters was killed by the explosion.

The explosive device appears to have been planted underneath the flatbed lorry shown on the right-side of the video, which the fighters move pass in partial column formation.

Held by Houthi rebels and anti-Hadi elements of the Yemen Army, Houdaidah is currently under heavy assault by Saudi Coalition forces – most of the actual ground troops storming the city are mercenaries backed by various Gulf states..

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