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Putin’s comment on meeting Netanyahu after S-300 delivery to Syria

Russian President Vladimir Putin has not yet made any preparations to meet Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

This is so despite – according to Israeli media – Netanyahu’s request for a formal catch-up between the two to further discuss the controversial downing of a Russian reconnaissance plane over Syria back in September and the future of the two country’s bilateral cooperation as a result of the event.

Reports suggest that the Israeli prime minister has been attempting to organize a meeting with Putin for some time now.


The Russian president clarified he had not yet planned any meeting with his Israeli counterpart when responding to questions at the 13th East Asian Summit.

The two leaders briefly exchanged words in France at the annual November 11 Armistice gathering. Their talk was described as “good and to the point” by Netanyahu.

Russian-Israeli bilateral relations have been strained somewhat since the downing the Russian Il-20 reconnaissance plane. Russia blames Israeli military recklessness for the event, whilst Israel maintains Syrian incompetence is the sole reason for the tragedy.

In response to the downing, Russia has provided the Syrian military with advanced S-300 surface-to-air missile systems; something which gravely threatens Israel’s previously unchallenged ability to conduct strikes in Syria.

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