Israel promotes to establish railway linking Mediterranean to Arabic Gulf

Israeli Transport Minister Yisrael Katz promoted a railway project linking the Mediterranean with the Arabian Gulf through the occupied Palestinian territories.

“The railway is logical and goes beyond political and ideological differences,” Katz said during a visit to the Omani capital Muscat on Wednesday. He also said the project was supported by US President Donald Trump.

Israel’s relationship with some Arab countries is unprecedented, but it has formal ties only with two Arab countries, Egypt and Jordan.

The so-called “Peace Railway” project is built on two main themes: Israel as a bridge and Jordan as a regional hub.

The minister said that the project “is in the interest of Saudi Arabia and neighboring Gulf countries, in addition to the Palestinian economy.

The visit comes less than two weeks after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s visit to the Sultanate of Oman.

Netanyahu seeks to strengthen Israel’s relations with Arab countries to counter the growing Iranian influence in the region.

In a series of official visits to Arab countries, the Israeli Minister of Culture and Communication visited the UAE in October.

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