French President Macron has infamous pic banned on Facebook for “nudity and sexual acts” infringement

A now infamous picture of French President Emmanuel Macron posing with two Saint-Martin nationals during an official visit to the island in September has been flagged on Facebook for, apparently, violating the social media site’s “nudity and sexual acts” rules.

French social media goers have reported that recent attempts to share the photograph have all been blocked on Facebook.

The French leader’s photo-shoot with the two Saint-Martin inhabitants has been an utterly disastrous public relations affair in other respects too.

The shirtless man who waving his middle-finger on the left side of the photo whilst posing with Macron has been linked to the leader of a Saint-Martin cocaine dealing ring.

Overall, the photo has served to be the source of much amusement for politically-orientated social media goers, with people leaving comments such as “What happened after the photo, Mr. Macron?”.



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