Russian jets struck terrorists positions used for Aleppo ‘gas attack’ (VIDEO)

The Russian Defense Ministry announced today that Russian jets bombed the terrorists positions who bombed the city of Aleppo with gas attack on Saturday.

The air raid was aimed particularly at artillery positions of the militants. “All the targets were eliminated as a result of the airstrike,” the Defense Ministry’s spokesperson, Major General Igor Konashenkov, said.

Konashinkov confirmed that “based on intelligence, Russian warplanes attacked the sites of terrorists who bombed Aleppo with chemical-laden ammunition on Saturday night, November 24, destroying all the targets.”



He pointed out that the Russian side informed Turkey in advance through the “hot line” of those raids.

Konashinkov said that 46 people were injured due to the gas attack on Aleppo, which was targeted the Nile Street, Khalidiya and Al Zahraa districts, according to SANA.

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