Turkey Setting up New Border-Crossing in Northern Syria to Loot More Agricultural Products

Turkey has embarked on establishing a new border-crossing with Syria’s occupied Afrin to speed up plundering of farmers’ agricultural products and selling them in Turkish markets, the London-base Syrian Observatory for Human Rights claimed on Tuesday.

SOHR said that the Turkish troops and the so-called Afrin Local Council have cut hundreds of olive trees to set up a border-crossing in a region between Afrin and Turkey’s Lewa Iskenderun in Homam region.

It further said that the border-crossing will be later used for traffic of trucks that will carry olive cargoes and materials from Afrin to Turkey, adding that the new passageway will be a substitute for the two border-crossing of Bab al-Hawa and Atmah.

In the meantime, local sources reported that the Anakar-backed militants gathered the olive products in the village of Tal Hamou in Afrin following their commanders’ order nom de guerre Abu Samih al-Homsi.

The sources went on to say that members of Afrin Local Council have also asked for a 10 percent share of Afrin agricultural products.

The Kurdish-language Hawar news reported on Saturday that governor of Turkey’s Hatay called on Ankara-backed militants in Afrin in Northwestern Aleppo to hand over the entire olive crops to the Turkish province.