Defeated Jaish Al-Islam leader spends billions in Turkey to set up business

The media of the Syrian opposition operating in Turkey buzzed with the leader of Jaish Al-Islam recent story, the commander who occupied the eastern Ghouta for years under the title of “Defending the Revolution”.

Sources in Turkey published a story about a Syrian businessman applying to the Council of the State of Antalya, to request a land investment worth 30 million dollars to establish a large commercial mall worth about $ 70 million.

When the Syrian businessman met the governor, the governor was surprised by what his office manager told him that the Syrian investor standing in front of him is Jaish Al-Islam commander, Abu Hammam Bwaidani, who has claimed to make some commercial investments, in order to support and help the poor Syrians inside Syria!

“He skips across the cable cars in Europe, forgetting the inferno of Ghouta, and the families in the camps” opposition social media described an amateur video featuring Al-Bwaidani topping a cable car in Turkey.



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