Israeli stealth F-35 fighters tests S-300 system in Syria

Israelis are now looking for a fighter jet that S-300 system cannot detect of destroy.

According to a Russian expert, if F-35 stealth fighter managed to break through the area space covered by S-300 system , the Russian military will obtain significant information about the US-made warplane.

These info will enable the Russian military expert to increase the sensitivity of the radar system.

“But will the Pentagon give Israel the green light for such a risk? Here lies the main question”, the expert said.

For this specific reason, the Israeli air force assigns F-15 and F-16 Hornet to counter the S-300 system.

For Dave Majumdar, an Israeli military expert who conducts defense reviews for National Interest, the fourth generation fighter jets  will fail to surpass the S-300 barrier. But this is not the case for F-35.

“The Israeli pilots can definitely deal with one S-300 battery, but with a network of it: never”, Dave commented, “They [pilots] have to look for blind spots”.

Majumdar stressed that the success of S-300 system heavily depends on the locations they are deployed to, as well as the operating party.

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“It turned out that Israeli pilots have secret air routes to follow. For example, when they bombed Hama and Aleppo, it looked like they came from nowhere.

This is only possible if Israeli engineers are capable of copying the response codes, then – in certain cases – allowing the US fighter jets to fly along the Jordanian and Iraq borders without prior warning”, he concluded.

Translation : Muraselon News

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