Series of explosions rock SDF-held areas in eastern Syria

Kurdish-controlled areas of Deir al-Zour countryside in eastern Syria have been hit by a series of explosions in recent days that have killed a number of militia leaders and elements, as well as civilians.

Local media sources said that an explosion hit a car near “Shuhil” hospital, which led to the killing of a civilian from the town of “Shigha” and wounding another, also another car exploded near “Diban” village ,killed one civilian and wounded two others.

The sources added that five elements of the militias – including a leader – were killed in IED bomb planted in their car while conducting a crackdown in the town of “Jarniya”, while six others were killed in a bomb explosion at a military checkpoint in the town of “Granig”.

The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) militias arrested a number of civilians following those explosions, accusing them of responsibility for the bombings.

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