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Syrian Foreign Minister calls for instant withdrawal of US, French and Turkish forces from Syria

The Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Muallem told the audience that all unwelcome foreign forces must leave Syria immediately, at the United Nations General Assembly’s 73th session.

“All foreign forces not invited by the legitimate government must withdraw under no preconditions,” Muallem said.

Al-Moallem blasted governments which have denied Syria its enshrined right to fight terrorism and protect its own people ‘on its own soil and within its boundaries,’ forging an illegal coalition led by the United States with the stated claim of fighting terrorism. “But this Coalition has fought everything but terrorism…Instead; it has proved that its goals are almost the same as those of terrorist groups, mainly fostering chaos, death and destruction.


“The Coalition, has entirely flattened Raqqa city, destroyed infrastructure and basic service institutions and committed atrocities against civilians, all designated war crimes according to international law. On the other hand, the Coalition has provided direct military support for terrorists in the fight against the Syrian army.” The Syrian Foreign Minister said.

Al-Moallem blamed Western states for attempts to obstruct the return of the displaced Syrians by discouraging them under lame pretexts, politicizing this humanitarian file and using it as a card to advance political agendas, which he considered a continuation of the role they have played since the beginning of the crisis in Syria.

Furthermore, Al-Moallem demanded that the international community takes action to end Israeli practices in the Syrian Golan and to pressure Israel to implement the relevant UN resolutions, and pushing for the establishment of a Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital and the return of the Palestinian refugees to their lands according to international legitimacy resolutions.

“We have never attacked others. We have never interfered in the affairs of others. We have never exported terrorists to other parts of the world. We have always maintained the best relations with other
countries. Today, as we seek to defeat terrorism, we continue to  advocate dialogue and mutual understanding to serve the interests of our people and to achieve security, stability, and prosperity for all” The Syrian FM ended his speech.


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