VIDEO: Syrian Army captures seven ISIS terrorists alive near Palmyra by twin ambushes

The Syrian authorities captured 7 ISIS militants in the southern and eastern countryside of Palmyra, by well-set ambushes, seizing a large amount of weapons and ammunition.

“30 km in the west of Palmyra near Jabal Al-Abtar, a group of special forces carried out an ambush to “Daash” terrorists carrying motorcycles, coming from the area of Al-Tanf towards the western suburbs of Palmyra, and heading through Tuenan to Al-Raqqa.” SANA news agency reported.

The source said that the ambush elements clashed with the terrorists and managed to kill two of them, arresting 2 others and confiscating their weapons .

The source pointed out that another ambush carried out by a group of special forces in the area of Al-Fouro’ 70 km south-east of Palmyra. the Syrian troops were able to arrest 5 terrorists from the “Daash”, seizing their weapons, 10 motorcycles, 146 pieces of hashish and 14 bags of drugs.


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