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Syria: New Batch of Civilians Exit Idlib through Abu Dhohour Crossing

A new batch of civilians exited the militant-held areas in Idlib in order to reach the Russian Reconciliation Center’s humanitarian station in Abu Dhohour on Saturday.

According to a report from the Russian Reconciliation Center, a truck carrying several civilians managed to reach the Abu Dhohour Crossing in Southeastern Idlib this morning, where they were greeted by the humanitarian staff near the airport, the AMN reported.

The Abu Dhohour Crossing was recently reopened by the government after being closed for a short period of time due to the hostilities in the area.

With no Idlib offensive planned, the Syrian military has now focused their attention on monitoring their crossings in Northern Hama, Southern Aleppo and Southeastern Idlib.


The Russian military is mostly deployed around these humanitarian crossings in order to ensure no clashes breakout between the government and opposition forces.


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