Rebel infighting resulted in killing “The Blade” in Idlib

Jihadist rebels infighting has been renewed in the Al-Qaeda-controlled province of Idlib, a senior commander was assassinated as a resulted.

Rebel media posted pictures of the “The blade” aka “Al-Syyaf”, The military leader of “Hurras Al-deen” faction, who was killed by an assassination operation on a checkpoint in Kansafra town southern Idleb countryside.

Worth-notable that The “Hurras Al-Deen” group issued a statement yesterday in which it rejected the Russian-Turkish agreement on the province and confirmed its intention to continue fighting and refused to withdraw from any region in Idlib.

Moreover, Unidentified assailants in a Kia Rio car targeted a roadblock of the recently-formed rebel alliance of the National Liberation Front (NLF) in the town of Habit in southern Idleb, killing two militants.

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