WATCH Syrian Army Continue to Pound Terrorist Positions in Idlib

The Syrian Army’s offensive on terrorists in the northeastern province of Idlib was preceded by the military dropping leaflets to call on jihadists to lay down arms and accept the government’s requests.

The Syrian military’s ongoing advance on the last stronghold of Daesh in the southern province of Suwayda has not distracted the government forces from their operation in Idlib province in the country’s northeast, Syrian military expert Rada Ahmed Shariqi told Sputnik.

“Idlib is a priority because at the moment, there is the largest number of terrorists in the world based there,” Shariqi stressed.

He suggested that “external forces, which support militants, will try to save them from the inevitable end.”

“I am confident that the Syrian Army will win in this decisive battle and after that we can talk about the end of the Syrian war. All possibilities for a peaceful settlement will be used even during the last stage of this war,” he noted.

Earlier, a Syrian military source told Sputnik about the Syrian military’s airstrikes on terrorists stationed in Idlib and Hama provinces, where the army destroyed several Al-Nusra convoys en route to the city of Al-Tamanah.

The source added that the army continues to carry out pre-emptive strikes on terrorists’ logistical routes and safe havens in Idlib.

Late last month, Syrian President Bashar Assad pointed out that the liberation of Idlib, which sits on the border with Turkey, was among the priorities for the Syrian military’s operations and that the province is currently home to “tens of thousands of terrorists.”


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