US-led coalition installs new air-defenses to establishing no-fly zone in northern Syria – Report

The international coalition led by the United states installs new air-defenses and radars to establish a no-fly zone in northern Syria, Kurdish sources reported.

“The International coalition forces began installing sophisticated radar bases at their airbases in southern Kubani and Rumailan in Hasakah as part of a plan to establish a no-fly zone that the United States has applied,” said a source close to the Syrian Democratic Forces command.

“The imposition of a no-fly zone on the area extending from Manbaj to Deir al-Zour requires the installation of such radars in many places in northern Syria, especially the airbases of Kobany and Rumailan” The source added.

The source also pointed out that “the air embargo on north-east Syria is related to all recent developments, especially the attempts to negotiate between the Syrian Democratic Council and the Syrian government to unify all administrations in northeastern Syria under the umbrella of a democratic civil administration of northern Syria.”

The source added that “the air embargo is a step for the United States to strengthening the military presence of the international coalition forces to confront several parties, including Iran.”

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