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Turkish regime’s mercenaries cause huge damage to Nabi Huri archeological site in Afrin

Reports delivered to the General Directorate of Antiquities and Museums mentioned that the archeological site of Nabi Huri (Ancient Town of Cyrrhus) in Afrin area in Aleppo northern countryside has gone under illegal excavations by terrorist organizations which caused a huge damage to the site.

Director of Antiquities and Museums Mahmoud Hamoud said that the site suffered a huge damage due to the illegal excavations by the terrorist groups which are affiliated to the Turkish regime as they used bulldozers in the excavations to find the treasures and the archeological artifacts.

Hamoud indicated that the reports prove that the archeological parts of the site have been destroyed and many monuments have been damaged, particularly the western fence.


He added that terrorist organizations have destroyed the pyramidal building which embraces the archeological shrine of Nabi Huri, and they had built a two-story concrete building within the site near the shrine, in addition to destroying parts of the Roman House and the mosaic painting inside it.

He noted that these acts which are perpetrated by terrorist groups backed by the Turkish forces at Nabi Huri site and other archeological sites affirm the systematic scheme which targets the Syrian heritage and which aims at obliterating the Syrian civilization.


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