376 new industrial facilities start production in first half of 2018

The Investment Directorate at the Ministry of Industry affirmed that 376 facilities and investment projects started production at the first half of the current year with a capital of SYP 10.417 billion as they provided about 1,712 job opportunities.

The Directorate indicated in a report that 238 industrial facilities started production with a capital of SYP 4.396 billion as they provided 1,326 job opportunities distributed among the chemical, food, engineering and textile sectors.

According to the Directorate about 137 handicraft facilities also started production with a capital of SYP 528 million and they provided 336 job opportunities in different provinces.

Meanwhile only one investment project started the production stage in the food sector according to the investment law No. /8 / for the year 2017 in Hassia Industrial City with a capital of SYP 750 million as it provided 50 job opportunities.

With regard to the licensed industrial projects, the Industrial Investment Directorate noted that 1,025 facilities have been licensed with a capital of SYP 61.227 billion as they will provide 9,135 job opportunities after carrying them out.

The Ministry of Industry said that the reason behind this number of industrial facilities which started production is the recovery of the work environment and the industrial investment after the victories achieved by the Syrian Arab Army and after the return of security and stability to the industrial zones and cities.


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