Hundreds of citizens protest in Qamishli against imposing informal curriculum by Asayish

Hundreds of locals from Qamishli city protested against the storming of members of “Asayish” militia a number of schools and imposing curriculum which differs from the official curriculum of the Ministry of Education.

The protestors affirmed their rejection of the curriculum which the Asayish wants to forcibly impose upon the schools in the city of Qamishli. As they stressed on the need for putting  an end to these practices which affects the educational process and threaten the future of upcoming generations.

SANA’s reporter said that the hundreds of locals from Qamishli city along with a number of the Christian clergymen and dignitaries of tribes participated in the protest, condemning the Asayish’s practices and reiterating that the education must be according the curricula adopted by the Syrian Ministry of Education.

In turn, Head of Hasaka Education Directorate EIham Sarokhan said that the imposing of curricula by force is totally rejected and that only the Syrian official curriculum will be implemented in the schools.

She pointed out that the curriculum which the Asayish members are trying to impose are not related to the Syrian civilization and history.

Members of Asayish broke into a number of schools in Qamishli city and expelled the administrative staff, which aroused the anger of the citizens of Qamishli who protested against these practices and managed to restore the schools as they hoisted the national flag over them.


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