Turkey police detain 43 suspected members of Daesh terror group in Istanbul

Turkish security forces have arrested 43 people suspected to be foreign members of the Daesh Takfiri terrorist group in an array of counter-terrorism operations across Istanbul.

The suspected terrorists were detained in simultaneous raids on 15 separate homes across the city on Friday, Turkey’s state-run Anadolu News Agency reported, citing a statement released by the provincial police department on Monday.

Police also said that the detainees were believed to be members of Daesh-linked social media groups and that they had been in contact with people in conflict zones.

The terror group has conducted numerous attacks across Turkey in recent years. In January 1, 2017, Daesh terrorists attacked a nightclub in Istanbul and claimed the lives of 39 people. In another attack, they launched a bomb attack in the city’s historic heart that killed a dozen people in 2016.

Turkey has stepped up anti-terror operations against Daesh’s network inside the country in the last couple of years, arresting many suspected terrorists and eliminating several terror cells across the country.

The terror group, which once held large swaths in Syria and Iraq, has not lost all of its urban bastions in both Arab countries, thanks to constant counter-terror operations carried out by Syrian and Iraqi armies. However, remnants of Daesh conduct sporadic attacks against government troops and civilians alike in the war-torn countries.

Press TV

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