Graphic content: Syrian military ambushes Extremist militants in deadly trap in Idlib.

Field source informed Muraselon that a squad of “Ansar aldeen” Extremist militants¬† were ambushed in a deadly trap in the southern countryside of Idlib province.


The source told Muraselon that the jihadist group that linking to Al-Qaeda, were attempting to advance towards an Army checkpoint.


“Syrian Army soldiers monitored the jihadist movement and engaged with them immediately” the military source said.


The jihadist sources said that 8 militants were killed while attempting to raid a government outpost in southwestern Idlib.


The same source published graphic aftermath photos show dead corpses belong to Ansar aldeen militants.

Worth-mentioning that the southern area of Idlib countryside has witnessed frequent attack to breakthrough Army territories, as all of them gone in failure.


source: muraselon


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