Syrian army tank ranks second in the Tank Biathlon contest, Moscow

The Syrian army tank crew won the second place on the second day of the 4th International Army Games 2018 in Moscow, followed by Belarus.

The Russian Defense Ministry said that the tank crew of Syria recorded a time of 27 minutes and three seconds, adding that the crew which is participating for the first time in the competitions might be considered the greatest crew in combat experience among the crews participating in the Games.

The “Tank Biathlon” is a military discipline which aims at testing the crews’ driving skills and shooting accuracy.

Teams from 23 states are taking part in this event. Each team consists of 21 soldiers divided into 4 crews. The first stage winners will qualify to the second stage.

Tank crews of Vietnam, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia, Myanmar, Tajikistan, Syria, Belarus, Serbia, and Russia competed on the Tank Biathlon’s second day.


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