Syrian Army secures international highway from Nassib crossing to Khirbat Ghazala Bridge in Daraa

Units of Syrian Arab Army secured the international highway extending from Nassib crossing to Khirbat Ghazala Bridge to the north of Daraa city after about a three year closure due to terrorist attacks.

SANA’s reporter in Daraa said that the after sweeping the road and its surroundings by the army’s engineering units, the technical workshops in Daraa governorate started removing the barriers set by terrorists to block the road amid plans to assess the damage caused to Nassib center with a view to having it rehabilitated as soon as possible.

Daraa Governor Mohammad Khaled al-Hannous told reporters that the international road needs to be checked at several points because of the damage caused by terrorist car-bomb explosions at the sites of Jisr al-Najih and Khirbat Ghazala.

Director of the Technical Services Kamal Barmo told reporter that after the army entered Nassib crossing, the engineering machinery began to remove barriers and obstacles from the international road between the crossing and Khirbet Ghazala Bridge as an emergency solution to put it in service within the next few days. The whole road will be rehabilitated after being inspected by a specialized committee of the Ministry of Transport.

On Saturday, the Syrian Arab Army members deployed at the Nassib crossing with Jordan about 15 kilometers to the south of Daraa city to stabilize the security situation after defeating terrorist groups.

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