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VIDEO: Russian warplanes pound militants in Daraa

Russian fighter jets have conducted several airstrikes against rebel positions and headquarters across the countryside of Daraa as Syrian forces continue to score fresh advances in the southern province.

Footage published by ANNA NEWS shows rebel facilities in Al-Musayfirah and El-Karak towns of southern Daraa countryside under attack by Russian jets.

The aerial bombardment was followed by a ground invasion whereby the Syrian Army took over the aforementioned two towns, in addition to the nearby Al-Jizah and Sahwat al-Kameh towns.



Meanwhile the Syrian Air Forces pummeled militants in Tafas town of the western countryside after refusing a reconciliation deal and pledging allegiance to the Islamic State.

Meanwhile, several villages and towns have surrendered to the Syrian government including Busra al-Sham, where rebel fighters agreed on to hand over all their heavy and medium weapons to the Russian Military Police.

According to the Russian Ministry of Defense, up to 30 villages and towns in Daraa countryside have surrendered to the Syrian government last week.


“During the last week, thanks to the negotiations made by the Russian Recirculation Center between the warring parties, 27 inhabited villages and towns have joined the de-escalation zone in Quneitra, Suwayda and Daraa provinces.


A ceasefire has been implemented and the legitimate Syrian government took over”, the Russian MoD quoted the Russian Recirculation Center.

The Hmeimim-based Center confirmed that local and central authorities resumed service activities in the newly-reconciled areas; paving the way to rehabilitate the infrastructure and provide humanitarian aid.

“A special attention has been given to create favorable conditions to receive refugees who fled the terror groups in their areas of southwest Syria, other Syrian areas and even neighboring countries”, the Russian Recirculation Center Said.

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