Footage of Syrian Air Defenses intercepting Israeli missiles over Masyaf, in Hama.

The Syrian air defenses fired several missiles at enemy targets in the skies of Masyaf countryside, a field source told Muraselon.


The source pointed out that the Syrian defenses responded to 3 hostile missiles and destroyed them completely in the vicinity of the village of Zawi in rural Masyaf, while one missile targeted one of our Syrian military sites. However, the bombing didn’t result in human casualties and was limited to material damages, according to the source of Muraselon.


A video clip of the Syrian air defenses intercepting hostile missiles was published on social media.


The source said that this aggression is an attempt to cover up for the collapse of terrorist organizations in Daraa and Quneitra provinces, as the Syrian Arab Army advances to end the presence of terrorism in the southern region.


Throughout the years of the terrorist war on Syria, the Israeli enemy helped terrorist organizations either through direct interference or by providing them with logistic support, weapons, and intelligence.




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