Life in Daraa city returning to normal gradually after liberation of al-Nu’aima and Nassib crossing

Less than two days after the defeat of terrorists in the nearby al-Nu’aima town and raising the Syrian flag over the Nassib border crossing, the streets of Daraa city are witnessing more activity, as locals are feeling safer after years of being subjected to shelling and sniper attacks carried out by the terrorists who had been present in the town for years.

With the liberation of al-Nu’aima and the deployment of army personnel in Nassib crossing, which connects Syria to Jordan, locals in Daraa are feeling hopeful that this will pave the way for clearing the southern and southeastern part of their city from the terrorists that remain in Daraa al-Balad, al-Sad Road, and al-Nazihin Camp areas.

The victories of the Syrian Arab Army and the reconciliations that are taking place across the province have had a positive impact on activity and commerce in the city, as the locals SANA’s correspondent spoke to said that the liberation of Nassib crossing will have a positive impact on economy in Daraa in particular and Syria in general after it is repaired and resumes activity.

The locals also said that al-Nu’aima had been a source of terrorist shelling attacks that had targeted Daraa city, and now they feel more at ease and hopeful that safety, security, and stability will be restored fully.

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