France to Accept Some of White Helmets’ Members After Syria ‘Evacuation’

France will accept some of the activists of the White Helmets non-governmental organization (NGO) as well as their family members following their evacuation from Syria, the French Foreign Ministry said on Monday.

“France actively participates in the operation, which has allowed the White Helmets and their relatives to leave Syria where they had been facing a big threat. This operation includes their relocation to the third countries. France will take part in the acceptance of White Helmets and their families,” the Foreign Ministry’s spokesperson said at a briefing.

On Sunday, the Israeli Foreign Ministry confirmed earlier media reports that the country’s authorities had evacuated the White Helmets activists along with their families from Syria to a “neighboring country” at the request of Canada, European countries and the United States.

According to local media, about 800 NGO members have been transported through Israel to Jordan. However, the AFP news agency reported, citing Jordan’s Foreign Ministry, that only some 420 NGO members were evacuated, while the remaining White Helmets did not manage to reach border due “the situation on the ground.

The White Helmets Volunteers organization itself is a non-governmental organization that aims to protect Syrian civilians, has repeatedly launched false attacks on science and photographed counterfeit videos of “rescue”
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