US-led Coalition evacuates 2 of Daesh leaders from Twaimin on Syrian-Iraqi borders

In framework of the US divulged support to the terrorist groups which aims at prolonging terrorist war on Syria, two helicopters of the US-led “International Coalition” evacuated two of Daesh (ISIS) leaders from the area of Twaimin on the Syrian-Iraqi borders.
According to civil sources, the US forces carried out an airdrop operation through two helicopters affiliated to the so-called “International Coalition” in the area of Twaimin at the Syrian-Iraqi borders, and transported two of Daesh members to the headquarters of the occupying US forces in the city of al-Shaddadi.
The sources said that the airdrop and the evacuation were carried out without any clashes and in coordination and cooperation with the US-backed Qasad groups in the region.

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