Syrian Militants Receive US-Made Arms Via Border With Jordan – Iranian Media

As the Syrian Army appears poised for a large-scale push in Daraa province, the militant groups entrenched in the region reportedly receive a massive shipment of weapons “made in the US.”
The militant groups operating in southern Syria received a large quantity of US-manufactured weapons and munitions, including anti-tank TOW missiles, FARS news agency reports.
According to FARS, the weaponry was delivered via the border with Jordan as part of a new “US plan to provide more backup for terrorists” in Syria.
The news agency also sayed that militant groups in Daraa province began forming “operation rooms” in preparation for the anticipated Syrian army offensive.
Earlier this month, the Syrian Army intensified its activities in the country’s militant-held southwestern reaches that border Jordan and the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights.
The Russian Defense Ministry added that the Syrian government forces, aided by the Free Syrian Army, which recently sided with Damascus, repelled over a thousand al-Nusra Front attacks.

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