Map: Syrian Army initiates three-axes military op to liberate eastern Al-Swuaida'a from ISIS

Over the past few days, the Syrian army has begun a three-axes military op eration to liberating Al-Suwayda from the terror group of the Islamic state (ISIS).
According to media outlets, the Syrian army, in cooperation with the allied forces, launched a wide-scale military campaign to clear the desert in the far north of the Suweida countryside, which overlaps with the south-eastern Damascus countryside of the remnants of the Da’ash organization.
Sources told Muraselon that the military operation in Daraa will begin soon, after the failure of the Russian-Jordanian-American mediation efforts, and the insistence of Daraa rebel faction to reject the reconciliation with government.
During the last few days, the Army took control of Rahba al-Musheirfa, Al-Musheirfa and Wadi Arar near Khirbat al-Amabashi in the far north of the Al-Swuaida’a countryside, following fierce clashes, the Syrian military reported.
The three axes military operation:
– The first axis: from ”Tall Asfar” towards the ”Khirbat Ambachi”, where the forces advanced and reached the area of Suh Majidi after controlling the school of Almshirifa and Rahba Almshirifa.
– The second axis: from the “Qasr-Sakia” towards ”Khirbet Al-Ambachi” too, where the forces advanced 7 km after violent clashes with Daash.
– The third axis: from ”Al-Zuluf dam” towards the Tulul Al-Safa (Al-Safa hilltops) as the forces moved 10 kilometers north.
For more details about the locations, please click on the map.
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