PICTURES: "Storming battalion" of the 9th division deployed to eastern As-Suwaida to finish ISIS

Weeks after their successful operations, fighting the terror groups of the Islamic State (ISIS) and Hayyat Tahrir Al-Sham (HTS) in southern Damascus, the Syrian Army command deployed the battle-hardened troops of the “Storming Battalion” to As-Suwaida province.
Yesterday, reports from the Druze-populated province of As-Suwaida emerged that, the Syrian warplanes targeted multiple locations for ISIS terrorists in the northeastern countryside ahead of expected military action.
In order to finish ISIS enclave, Syrian Army sent new reinforcement from the “Storming Battalion” and the Republican guard to the barren areas, which ISIS militants are holed up in.
Moreover, several photographs released in Social media, feature troops belonging to the elite unit of the “Storming battalion” that formed since the beginning of the Syrian war for swift offensives in multiple battle conditions. and stationed inside the 9th armored division headquarter.

Worth-mentioning that the elite 9th division troops – led by colonel ‘Ali Fandi’ – were able to achieve remarkable fulfillment in breaking the siege imposed by eastern Ghouta rebels on the military vehicles base of Harasta in last February.
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