Italy sends troops to support YPG Militants – Reports

Italy has sent troops to Deir Ez-Zor province in eastern Syria to support the YPG/PKK Militants group, local sources told Anadolu Agency .

Troops have been dispatched around a week ago to areas occupied by the Militants group in the province near Iraqi border, the sources told Anadolu Agency, requesting anonymity due security fears.

According to the sources, the Italian soldiers arrived last week to the city of Al-Hasakah coming from Iraq before heading to Deir Ez-Zor.

Soldiers have been sent to the U.S. military base in the oil-rich Al-Omar region, the sources said.

The Italian soldiers, whose number is unknown, include military advisors who supported U.S. and French forces in anti-Daesh terrorist group operations.

The soldiers have not participated to the moment in any military operations against Daesh.

Daesh terrorist group has been besieged in two separated border areas near Iraqi border, particularly near Syria’s Deir Ez-Zor and Al-Hasakah.

In May, YPG/PKK, backed by the U.S. and France, began an anti-Daesh operation. However, no gains against Daesh have yet been made.


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