Iranian Military Aircraft Crashed in Central Iran

An Iranian military aircraft has crashed near Dastjerd village in Isfahan province, Tasim news agency said Saturday.
According to the agency, two pilots had ejected before the jet, reportedly Iranian Air Force’s F-7 fighter, crashed. The agency further noted that the Army linked the crash to technical failure.
“The fighter ran into technical problems after departing the Shahid Babaei Air Base in Isfahan on a training flight and crashed mid-day near Hasanabad village,” the air force said in a statement published by another Iranian news agency Fars.
The jet crashed at about midday local time (07:30 GMT) close to the Iranian town of Hassan Abad Jarqouyeh Oliya.
Last November, a Su-22 airplane of the IRGC Air Forces crashed during military exercises in the south of the country, killing the pilot.

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