Hundred tanks, artillery heading Daraa in a massive military convoy

Massive military convoy consisting of a hundred battle tanks and artillery cannons, is heading to southern Syria to later deploy in the long-awaited campaign of Daraa and Al-Quneitra provinces.
The well-known agency of ANNA; specializes in shooting battlefield videos, has released fresh footage of massive Syrian Army convoy on its way to southern Syria.
So far, many reinforcements of the Syrian troops have been deployed to southern Syria, including the battle-hardened forces of the Republic guard and the 4th armored division.
The most important mission objectives for the government troops is to gain back the strategic hilltop of “Al-Harra” that located in the northwestern countryside of Daraa, overlooking dozens of villages extending between Daraa and Al-Quneitra provinces, so once it’s captured, the government would has fire-control over dozens of towns.
Tall Al-Harra is about 20 km from the occupied Golan Heights. It has an early warning point for the Syrian air defense that mainly working to monitor enemy aircraft as soon as moment of taking off from the Israeli airbases. However, it was snatched by the Israeli-backed rebels in 2014.

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